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Become Plastic Bag Neutral : An Unroutine Idea

In the bustling streets of India, plastic bags are wreaking havoc. Picture this: you're coming back home from work and decide to stop by a local market. Without a second thought, you grab a plastic bag for your purchases (many times it is multiple). Now, imagine this scene repeated millions of times across the country—no wonder plastic bags are choking our cities and natural landscapes. Did you know that 80 million tones of plastic waste is generated every year due to such daily activities?

Meet Shreyash,

 A resident of Mumbai, who decided to make a small change with a big impact. Shreyash started keeping a reusable jute shopping bag, making it a habit to use it for all his shopping needs, from groceries to all the essential items on his way back home and politely declined any plastic bag. This simple act not only reduced his plastic use but also inspired his colleagues and friends to follow suit. Shreyash refused the routine practice that would pollute our beautiful earth, he is an Unroutiner!

You can be an Unroutiner too….Always carry a reusable eco-friendly bag with you ( doesn’t matter if it is a jute bag or cotton bag or a cloth bag or a canvas bag), in your car, in your office bag, in your scooter or bike. This small habit can significantly reduce usage of plastic bags. An average Indian uses 83 plastic bags a year . Imagine if every Indian had a reusable cotton bag—think of the collective impact we could make! With 1.4 billion people in India, replacing 83 plastic bags each with just 2 cotton bags a year could protect our environment significantly.

At Unroutine, we offer a range of eco-friendly bags, including cotton, jute bags, and tote bags. By choosing our products, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re making a statement that you care about the planet. Our stylish bags for women and versatile options cater to modern needs.

If every person in India has an reusable eco-friendly bag we can battle plastic pollution with ease.  Together, we can make a significant impact against plastic pollution. Make the change today. You can click here and check out our collection or head to the e-store right now. Join the movement towards a sustainable future.


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