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Printed Jute Shopping Bag - Chevron Teal Blue Large

Printed Jute Shopping Bag - Chevron Teal Blue Large

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  • DESIGN: This Jute Bag Size Is 12" height x 14" width x 6" gusset. This Stylish Bag Has a Zipper Closure. The Jute Bag Has White Colour Jute Body With Teal Blue Chevron Print And Gusset With Soft 9" Handle For Comfort And Ease
  • SPACIOUS: Ideal As Shopping Bag Or Beach Bag Can Easily Accomodate 5-8 Sarees or 5- 8 Shirts or 5-6 Trousers / Jeans
  • DURABLE & STRONG: Best Jute Bags Online. Lasts For More Than A Year Bag This Bag Can Carry Weight Upto 30 Kgs
  • VERSATILE: Unroutine Large Jute Shopping Bags Can Be Used As Jute Hand Bags, Jute Office Bag, Jute Beach Bag, Jute Bag For Return Gifts, Jute Carry Bag etc.


More About The Product

  • COST EFFECTIVE: Since Jute Bags Are Reusable Bags, They Are Extremely Cost Effective
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Jute Bags Are Made From 100% Natural And Bio-Degradable Jute Fabric
  • HIGH QUALITY: Unroutine Bags Are Made From 290 gsm Jute Sourced Directly From Mills And Stitched Using Automatic Machines For Export Quality Finish
  • 100% INDIAN: All Raw Materials Used For Manufacture Are Of Indian Origin


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  • In case of any Refunds approved by the Unroutine Social Enterprises , it’ll take 6-8 days for the refund to be processed to the end customer. 
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    Know our Bags

    Why use Unroutine brand of jute bags?
    Our bags are made from virgin-quality jute fabric sourced directly from the
    most reputed jute factory in Kolkata. These are then cut to size and stitched
    by industrial-grade sewing machines using high-quality materials like zippers
    and threads. Our workers are skilled and have been working for years.

    Why should you switch to jute bags?
    Jute bags are 100% eco-friendly, 100% natural, and 100% biodegradable. Jute
    bags are reusable and recyclable. Each jute bag prevents more than 100 plastic
    bags from polluting our Earth.

    What use can the bag be used for?
    This is a multipurpose jute bag and, besides using it as a lunch bag, can be
    used as a carry bag for small office items like stationery or miscellaneous

    How long will the bag last?
    Jute bags are extremely durable and would easily last for more than a year
    under normal usage conditions.

    Is this bag eco-friendly?
    Jute bags are 100% eco-friendly, 100% natural, and 100% biodegradable.

    Are jute bags waterproof?
    Jute, being a natural material, is not waterproof; however, the jute fabric is
    water-resistant. But it is advisable to dry the bag in the open in case jute
    bags get wet.

    What kind of care do you need to take of jute bags?
    Jute bags are extremely low maintenance, and you can just use a coat brush to
    dust off any dirt.

    How are Unroutine bags different from others?
    Unroutine has its own manufacturing and design center. This enables us to have
    control over the entire manufacturing process and ensure quality products.